Recent Alums of MANOS


Veronica “Roni” Nagle ’16

Princeton, New Jersey
Member since Fall 2012
Biology Major
MANOS is a unique research experience that has changed and developed my perspective on community engagement and the immense value in the knowledge of others.
Outside of MANOS: Roni is a research assistant in a Dr. Hinton’s pseudophosphatase lab at William and Mary. Her hobbies include long walks up the mountain, falling down the mountain, and occasionally getting lost on the mountain.






Thomas Northrup ’16

Winchester, Virginia
Member since Fall 2012
Sociology Major
MANOS intrigued me because of the way we engage a community and strive to facilitate that community’s inclusion of everyone in the health-related projects they choose to carry out.
Outside of MANOS: Thomas is also an avid writer and consumer of poetry and fiction.



Quetzabel Benavides ’16

Dallas, Texas
Member since Fall 2013
International Relations Major
Understanding the impact community knowledge can have on efficiency of health interventions when shared concerns and needs are discussed among all members of the community.
Outside of MANOS: Quetzabel is a proud sister of Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc., a Student Assembly Senator for the Class of 2016, and a Netflix enthusiast.



Class of 2015:
Brooke Huffman
Emily Mahoney
Johnathan Maza
Zander Pellegrino
Steph Wraith

Class of 2014:
Ambika Babbar
Lester Chavez
Kristen Giordano
Chrissy Sherman