Who We Are

There is no one “type” of person you would encounter in MANOS. Each of us has different academic interests and personal skills that have brought us to the team; our diversity is ultimately what make our team as strong as it is. What we share, though, is a commitment to the work that we do as part of MANOS.

Meet the current members of MANOS:

Bio PictureAriel Cadby-Spicer ’18

Arlington, Virginia
Member since Fall 2014
Psychology Major, Marketing Minor

I joined MANOS because I am interested in Community Psychology and patterns of organization that increase community capacity.
Outside of MANOS Ariel is in a social sorority and a tutor. She also just got back from studying abroad in Spain!


erika Erika Jaimes ’18

Alexandria, Virginia
Member since Fall 2014
Anthropology and French and Francophone Studies Major

MANOS has taught me ho
w to think critically about the actions we take. Being a part of such a diverse, hardworking team has been an unforgettable experience in my time at W&M.
Outside of MANOS Erika is a member of the Filipino American Student Association (FASA).

amar.jpg Amar Kakirde ’18

Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey
Member since Fall 2014
International Relations Major / Finance Major

MANOS has been the defining experience of my time at college so far. It’s driven me to think harder and more critically about international development. Beyond the development sphere, the constant discussion on the nature of leadership and community has been applicable
in every endeavor I undertaken. 
Outside of MANOS: In his words, “I’m currently taking a semester away from college, and I’m learning how to cook. Not particularly well, though.” 

benBenjamin Neider ’18

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Member since Fall 2015
Government, Economics, & Sociology Interdisciplinary Major

MANOS has given me a look into community development as well as the challenges faced by communities and those trying to help them that I would otherwise have seen.
Outside of MANOS Ben is Vice-President of a social fraternity and is engaged in research in the William and Mary Govt. Department.

jioniJioni Tuck ’19

Washington, D.C.
Member since Fall 2015
Government Major, Public Health Minor

MANOS has taught me 
a lot about sociological research methods and the importance of community engagement when practicing international development.
Outside of MANOS Jioni is a Research Assistant for the Center for African Development, on the executive board of VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood, and a member of the Women’s Rugby Team.


pic-sviegiuenbrMaggie Gutmann ’19

Queens, New York
Member since Spring 2016
Hispanic Studies Major
MANOS has been an eye-opening experience for me and has piqued my interest in research, sociology, and international development. 
Outside of MANOS Maggie is part of a social sorority, enjoys going on walks, and reading.


colombia-selfieVeronica Silva ’19

Oakton, Virginia
Member since Spring 2016
International Relations Major

MANOS has truly introduced me to the concept of community-based participatory research, and what that model can look like in the real world, but it has also challenged me to look beyond traditional notions of service or volunteerism to help me realize my passions for sustainability and community partnerships. This team of diverse, intelligent, and caring peers has been an integral part of the my first year at William and Mary.
Outside of MANOS Veronica is an Orientation Aide, a member of Students for University Advancement, and plays on the Club Tennis team.

IMG_1644Hannah Ferster ’19

Rockville, Maryland
Member since Fall 2016

Sociology Major, Public Health Minor

MANOS has deepened my understanding of and commitment to social change internationally, and the vital role of empowerment and equal partnership in making that change happen. 

Outside of MANOS Hannah is on the executive board of VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood and is a Confidential Advocate at the Haven. She also enjoys reading, outdoor adventures, and finding dogs in CW.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.23.47 AM.pngCait Macias ’20

Boca Raton, Florida
Member since Fall 2016

Government and Sociology Double Major

MANOS has given me new experiences abroad and taught me so much about the research process. The team’s passion for learning and positive intentions continue to inspire me. 

Outside of MANOS Cait is the VP of the Freshman Honor Societies ALD/PES at WM. Off campus she is a coordinator and chair for Montessori Model United Nations an NGO dedicated to educating young minds about current global issues. In her free time Cait loves to be active and cook!

IMG_9441Laura Schwartz ’20

Washington, D.C.
Member since Fall 2016
Undeclared Major

MANOS has taught me to think critically about international development and the implications of my actions. I have learned to be wary of voluntourism, and that fostering partnerships with marginalized communities is essential in promoting sustainable development. It has been a privilege working alongside such a diverse group of passionate, intelligent, and caring students.
Outside of MANOS Laura is involved in Young Democrats. She loves to play soccer, watch Frontline documentaries, and travel and learn about new cultures.

IMG_7439Maura Finn ’20

Alexandria, Virginia
Member since Spring 2017
Latin American Studies and Environmental Policy

I wanted to actually do something at William and Mary and make a long term change and MANOS lets students partner with a community to actually do that. 
Outside of MANOS Maura runs for the Competitive Club Running Team and is a member of the Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC)!


IMG_5455Sofia Kellogg ’20

Leesburg, Virginia
Member since Spring 2017
Government and Hispanic Studies

MANOS is an amazing opportunity to actually do research in the field and work with a community. My knowledge of issues in international development has grown tremendously, and I look forward to continue working with such an amazing group of people.

Outside of MANOS Sofia is a social sorority and a member of the TribeTHON team.

IMG_20170910_223833_415Aria Troupe ’20

Rifle, Colorado
Member since Spring 2017
International Relations and Data Science

Through MANOS, I’ve learned the importance of social justice and community empowerment to sustainable development and how to critically approach sociological research.
Outside of MANOS Aria is Co-President of the Student Partnership for Aid and International Development, Secretary for her social sorority, play club volleyball, and a member of the Sexual Misconduct Prevention Steering Committee for William & Mary.

20170614_182737 (2)Ethan Harrison ’19

Los Angeles, CA
Member since Spring 2017

MANOS is unique as a student organization. It provides the normal benefits associated with student clubs, yet also provides the opportunity to assist and implement programs in-country. The opportunity to be part of a development-focused project and implement in-country is in itself a tremendously rewarding opportunity. But it is the hospitality widespread among the Nicaraguan people that provides a truly unique experience.
Outside of MANOS Ethan is also on the Tribe Sailing Team and works on a number of research projects here at William and Mary.

Image uploaded from iOSSarah Siebes ’20

White Plains, NY
Member since Fall 2017
Data Science with a minor in Applied Math

From MANOS, Sarah hopes to gain experience in public health and community development.
Outside of MANOS Sarah is an officer of Delta Delta Delta sorority. In her free time she likes to play the guitar, run and go hiking.


fullsizeoutput_166aHeather Baier ’20

Warrenton, VA
Member since Fall 2017
Data Science

MANOS’s approach to development allows for sustainable change and is a great way to get involved with field research and sociology. I am excited to see the impact the group can make through community based development.
Outside of MANOS Heather is a Variety Editor for The Flat Hat, William and Mary”s student newspaper, and she works for AidData’s GeoQuery lab on the GeoBoundaries team.

alexAlex Chung ’21

Burke, VA
Member since Fall 2017
Computer Science

I wanted to join MANOS in order make a positive and sustainable impact while engaging in development research.
Outside of MANOS Alex is a Monroe Scholar.



Our academic advisor was previously Professor David Aday and is now Professor Carrie Dolan.